Hair/Wigs for Love Dolls/Sex Dolls

Skin Colour color for sex doll, skin color for love doll

The hair of your doll will have huge impact upon the look and impression of her to others.

More classically elegant looks will benefit from longer styles that can be simply brushed and worn, or styled (Up, Down, Pigtails, etc.)
Please note, that longer length wigs take more care to keep tangle free.

More youthful styles are typically shorter (though not exclusively) than a classical look, but are a lot easier to keep tangle free.

It is good practice to have more than one wig for your doll so that she may easily adapt to your mood.

Different makes and models of dolls can have different options for Hair/Wig, please check the page of the doll that interests you, the options for hairstyles will be on that page for you to see the styles.

The images seen are an example of standard hair/wigs from WM-Dolls. Please check the page of the doll you are interested in purchasing to see the standard options for Hair/Wigs for your doll. There are options for further Hair/Wigs through


Piper Doll Wigs

Piper Doll Wigs
We do not hold these in stock at the moment, so there will be a delivery time of 1-2 weeks dependent upon your geography.

  1. Short Fringed Black Bob
  2. Short Fringed Brown Bob
  3. Short Fringed Blonde Bob
  4. Long No-Fringe Wavy Light Purple Hair
  5. Short No-Fringe Aquamarine Bob
  6. Short No-Fringe Light Blue Bob
  7. Short No-Fringe Brown Bob
  8. Short Fringed Brown Pixie
  9. Long No-Fringe Straight Brown Hair
  10. Long Fringed Wavy Black Hair
  11. Long No-Fringe Wavy Silver
  12. Long No-Fringe Wavy Brown Hair
  13. Short Fringed Mouse Brown Bob
  14. Long Fringed Wavy Black Hair
  15. Long No-Fringe Straight Light Blue Hair
  16. Long No-Fringe Wavy Dark Purple Hair
  17. Long No-Fringe Straight Copper Hair
  18. Long No-Fringe Wavy Blonde Hair
  19. Long Fringed Straight Blonde Hair
  20. Long Fringed Straight Brown Hair
  21. Long Fringed Straight Black Hair
  22. Long No-Fringe Straight Blonde Hair
  23. Long No-Fringe Straight Grey Hair
  24. Long Fringed Straight Pink Hair
  25. Short No-Fringe Curly Blonde Hair
  26. Short No-Fringe Black Bob
  27. Long Fringed Straight Mouse Brown Hair
  28. Long No-Fringe Wavy Highlighted Brown Hair
  29. Long No-Fringe Straight Mouse Brown Hair
  30. Short No-Fringe Strawberry Blonde Bob
  31. Long No-Fringe Wavy Orange Hair
  32. Short Fringed Purple Pixie
  33. Short No-Fringe Blue Pixie
  34. Long No-Fringe Straight Black Hair
  35. Long No-Fringe Straight Brown Hair
  36. Long No-Fringe Straight Blonde Hair